general Information:
Elected offices & non-elected / appointed Roles

Self-nomination are open for Elected Offices and Non-Elected/Appointed Offices in the International Network of Museums for Peace (INMP)

2.1 Executive Board [Open to experienced and active members of INMP]:

Have you been a fully paid-up member for over a year? Are you already an active INMP member? Perhaps you have been a member of the Advisory Committee, or involved with INMP in another way. Do you have skills or experience that could be used in the running and governance of INMP? We would be particularly delighted to welcome additional expertise in finance, fundraising, administration or communications, especially in digital and social media. Even if you are simply an enthusiastic team player eager to promote INMP and its mission for peace, we invite you to consider nominating yourself for the INMP Executive Board and to share responsibility for the future of INMP.

The official role of the Executive Board is [Statute 5(1)]

(1)    Executive Board

No more than ten Executive Board members are elected from among the candidates nominated by themselves or others… The Executive Board should reflect as much as possible the diversity of the membership.


The Executive Board is responsible for:

a. Implementing the decisions of the General Meeting.

b. General administration of the network including accounting, web page administration, publication and distribution of a newsletter.

2.2 Advisory Council   [Open to any paid-up member of INMP, even if you have not been a member for long

Would you like to become active in INMP, using your gifts, knowledge and creativity for the benefit of museums for peace? If so, nominate yourself for the INMP Advisory Committee. The Coordinators of INMP will look to you to support the Executive Board's mission to expand and invigorate the INMP network. Whatever your experience - for example in museums, education, arts, publishing - you could have an active role to play in INMP through participation in the Advisory Committee.
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The official role of the Advisory Committee is [Statute 5(3)]

(2)    Advisory Committee

No more than twelve Advisory Committee members are elected from among the members or persons willing to become members. The General Coordinator and the Executive Board consult, as necessary, with the Advisory Committee on issues pertaining to the Network. The Advisory Committee may provide input to the General Coordinator and Executive Board on issues that are relevant to the functioning of the Network.

3.1 Website Development and E-Communications Team
        (do you have web design, web management, graphic design, web publishing expertise/skills/experience? do you have experience/expertise in social-media management, or expereince/expertise as a media "influencer"?)

3.2 Finance, Banking, and Membership Support Team
        (do you have skills in accounting, bookkeeping, finances, or banking? do you have skills in buiding data bases or data base management for membership/customers?)

3.3 Publications Working Group
          (do you have writing, editing, research, publishing, experience? )

3.4 New Initiatives, Fund-Raising,  and Development Team
      (do you have project planning, grant writing, fund-raising experience, expertise/experience?)

3.5 Other Non-Elected Offices: