2023 Election Results 

The INMP Nominations and Elections Committee announces the newly elected INMP Executive Board and Advisory Council member for the 2024-2026 term. See: Profiles of INMP Executive Board and Advisory Council (2024-2026)

INMP Coordinators:
Selection Process 

On November 21, 2023, the newly-elected Executive Board and Advisory Committee members met with the current INMP Leadership Team (including Coordinators, Executive Board, Working Group Team Leaders, and Senior Advisors). Prospective Coordinators were invited to caucus with each other, confer with INMP leaders (current and newly-elected), and then submit their proposal/platform statement for the newly-elected Executive Board to review and approve. Per the INMP Statutes, the newly-elected Executive Board shall appoint the INMP Coordinator(s). 

Preliminary Proposals 

The following preliminary proposals were submitted: 

The authors of these proposals had caucus meetings to seek consensus. They developed two documents: (1) a background paper [Click HERE to view.] highlighting the challenges and opportunities that face INMP and its members, and (2) a Revised INMP LEADERSHIP PLATFORM WORKING PAPER  [Click HERE to view.] This is a non-binding working paper that consolidates the original proposals and outlines the suggested goals, priorities, organizational structures, and tasks the Coordinator Team envisions. 

Executive Board Appoints INMP Coordinators 

The INMP Executive Board met on February 16, 2024 to confirm the selection of INMP Coordinator(s) for 2024-2026. The Executive Board selected a Team of Coordinators for 2024-2026 solely based on the persons nominated and their pledge statement that: 

The Coordinator team pledges to work with Executive Board members and consult with Advisory Committee members on policies, practices, and engagement of members in leadership roles, working groups, and other teams and groups. The Coordinators will seek, appoint and support volunteers to serve as leaders (chairs) and contributing members to advance INMP's mission.

In this meeting, the Executive Board affirmed the resolution to appoint MONA BADAMCHIZADEH, CLIVE BARRETT, and JUNKO KANEKIYO as INMP Coordinators for 2024-2026. 

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